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Nichole Wade

Nichole is an author/illustrator living in the Golden Valley region of Missouri, USA. She creates beautiful watercolor illustrations in both traditional style and her unique method of cut-layered pieces—which can be hundreds of pieces layered upon layer to create a stunning visual effect unseen anywhere else.

Her illustrations are endearing and heartfelt and elicit a sweet relatable connection to children and readers of all ages. She is constantly inspired by nature and animals. Whenever she needs a bit of help she often wanders outside to admire her flowers, brush the mini pony, pet the dog, or watch the chickens run through the yard in a single file line—their feathery bloomers bouncing with each step! In her home studio you will usually find one or more of her three cats “helping” her by napping nearby.

Her passion for children’s books began at a very early age—often sneaking favorites like Frog and Toad and Mouse Soup into bed at night and reading them over and over by the glow of her Wonder Woman nightlight. Her passion for drawing and painting resurfaced a few years ago when suddenly she realized that empty-nesting was upon her and what would she do with this next season in life? She often dreams of the sea, craves salty air and sandy toes, and secretly believes herself to be a mermaid.