New Creation

It’s finally Spring and after MUCH Winter it is more than welcome for sure! After the high of the SCBWI Winter Conference in New York in February I will admit—I’ve been struggling :) All that prep before hand, the amazing routine I had myself submerged in, the self-imposed deadlines, the work lined up ready to paint—it was such a rush! But as I came home…in the midst of another snowstorm…and then another…and then another…and then….yes it never ended…I fell into a funk. I mean some of it happily so! Another visit from our son before his deployment—and then goodbye again. A fundraising art auction that was a blast and we more than met our goal—but took tons of time to prep for/print/ship. I finished an interview for the Aussie based Kids Book Review (coming out May 16th) which was super exciting—and then its the wait. It was like a roller coaster I just couldn’t get myself off of. A constant ebb of highs and lows. And then finally working out the rest of the deets with my pal and mentor Nina Rycroft and launching Project Portfolio with her (my session will debut in September 2019)—that was a blast and a lot of work! Its been crazy! Some days I feel like I have done NOTHING and yet I look at what just the past couple of months have been filled with and I need to give myself a freakin’ break. SO I DID.

I took myself off of FB over Easter week. I refreshed. I did a lot of thinking. I enjoyed being outside with the beautiful Spring weather and taking in the sunshine—yes the glorious sunshine! I have listened to bird song. Smelled the lilacs and their fragrant blooms that fill the air with their heavy but clean scent. I have watched the foxes on the move—one of them chasing our flock of chickens :( We have looked for mushrooms and picked off ticks. I groomed the tiny pony and then the dog and each waited eagerly for their turn back and forth. The chickens are finding more to look for and the projects we began (remodeling a bathroom and repairing decks) are starting to take shape. I have dug in the earth and planted flowers and watched daily as Irises poked their sleepy stalks from the mass of leaves. My fountain pump thankfully overwintered well and once again the sound from my glorious water feature calms anyone who is on the porch. Its absolutely beautiful. Its soothing to the soul. Being outside right now is pure divinity!

So I decided to just not worry so much about the pressure of drawing and painting and just exist. I’ve sketched some, watched my faves on youtube and what they are up too, breathed fresh air, taken walks and hot soaking baths. I just need to be present and get my head together. After all it is SPRING and we are going to enjoy every moment of it aren’t we? After a Winter like that we deserve these glorious days. And yet in the midst of all of this I can feel it….my brain soaking in ideas and thoughts and the itchy fingers ready to get back to the drawing board. Until then…I’m just living and trying to ride the roller coaster as best I can and finding inspiration along the way.

Aloha…Ciao….have a blessed day :)